Student Achievements

Our center would like to recognize a student in each program that stands out during each month of the school year. It could be due to a strong work ethic, grades, participating in their student organization or other factors that the instructor finds commendable. Students will be rewarded for this achievement and can possibly win prizes throughout the year.

        November Students of the Month

 Engineering   Patrick Thomas - Smithville
Business Harley Kent - Hatley
 Health Science ILori Beth Cowley - Smithville
 Health Science IIDestiny Grimes - Nettleton
Elijah Brooks - Hatley
 WeldingColby Mills - Hatley
Collision Repair Konner Bird - Hamilton 
Josh Gray - Nettleton
 ConstructionCheyenne Prestage - Hatley
          October Students of the Month

 Engineering    Clay Terry - Hatley
 Health Science I Elizabeth Monaghan -Hamilton
 Health Science IIJade Mills - Nettleton
Breely Smith - Hatley
 WeldingJosh Winter - Hatley
Collision Repair Matthew Carter - Hamilton 
 ConstructionMelissa Reeves - Hamilton
        September Students of the Month

 Engineering    Timothy Criddle - Hatley
Business Lann Hollis - Hamilton 
 Health Science I A.B. Morgan _ Smithville 
 Health Science IIGracey Holloway - Hamilton
 WeldingRemington Dabbs- Smithville 
Collision Repair Dorian Moctezuma - Nettleton 
 ConstructionQuinn Pounders - Hamilton


August Students of the Month
 Engineering    Sommer Buckner - Hatley
Business Kade Minor - Hatley  
 Health Science I Addie Cobb - Hatley 
 Health Science IIKelsey Taylor - Hatley 
 WeldingCody Taylor - Smithville 
Collision Repair Dylan Denton - Hatley 
 Construction Collier Jones - Hatley